Saturday, November 18, 2017

Look! Spotted at an Alabama PLAYGROUND last Thursday~

Judge Roy's office says, "he often 
volunteers at local schools
 and playgrounds."
"It's a Christian thing to do."

It's Okay to be a Child Molester in Alabama if You're a Republican~ See the Incontrovertible EVIDENCE!

Yesterday Alabama's Governor
said this...
And now that Jesus is a 
Republican evidenced by
And just for the record...

Trump's Keystone Pipeline is Now an Environmental Disaster Zone ~ The Story

For the record...just 35 jobs have 
been created...
But now the clean-up is beginning.
It will take months until completed.
Unfortunately it will take decades, 
 possibly millenniums, for the
aquifers to recover if they can
recover at all. And...
Way to go America!