Saturday, May 27, 2017

Watch Pope Francis Slap Donald Trump's Hand Away in this Video Gone Viral + GIFS too...

Donald Trump visited the Pope
this past week at 
The meeting didn't go well as
shown in these videos...
And we have the GIFS too...
'Just ignore him and he'll
go away...Melania told
me that.'

Trump DECLINES Support for NATO ARTICLE 5!

At the heart of 
The North Atlantic Treaty is it's
Collective-Mutual Defense among
it's 28 member nations
This means that when one nation is
attacked that all member nations
will share in the military defense
of that nation.
At this week's NATO meeting
27 member nations reaffirmed their
support of Article 5. 
All U.S. Presidents since Harry Truman
have affirmed their support of Article 5
until this week when Donald Trump
declined America's support.
It is noteworthy that the only time
Article 5 was exercised was in
America's behalf after the
9/11 attack.
Trump speaks to NATO members
in Brussels on May 25, 2017.
In just 120 or so days, Donald 
Trump has damaged America to
the extent that it will take 
generations to repair, it there
can be any repair at all.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Melania - The "Widow" Trump? And other Memes...

To refer to THE FIRST FAMILY'S visit to the
 Vatican as a trip into the twilight zone
of GOTH, or just a DISASTER,
is being kind.
The memes and banter coming from
these photos are artifacts that 
will live on in infamy.
Here are just a few...
The "Widow" Trump?
The wannabe "Widow" Trump?
The Pope Proves He's an
The Pope and the Dope...
...and on the Second Day
Twitter Created Memes...